“Team Puggi is so much more than a mental health and suicide prevention advocacy organization. I consider Team Puggi my family. Following the loss of Jim Puggi, his family channelled their grief to bring hope to those in need of support and to share Jim’s spirit with the world. Team Puggi is making a difference and impacting others – most notably around men’s mental health. I wear my Team Puggi bracelet with pride. I love you, Team Puggi!”

– Jen Fusco Hoye, Suicide Loss Survivor

“June 23, 2016 – I was in a dark place and I tried to end my life. I felt like there was no purpose in life or support. I didn’t know there was help for me out there. I am very blessed to have survived my attempt, knowing that many do not. As I started to heal, I came across a group of people that lead me to Team Puggi. I quickly learned that Team Puggi is a group that genuinely cares and isn’t afraid to show each other encouragement and love. The team is a community, where I can speak my truth without fear of judgement. They provide so many resources for those in need. Team Puggi is leading the way to ending the stigma around mental health!”

- George Alexander

“Team Puggi has inspired me to get physically fit to keep my mental health in check. They also offered my Mom support when I was depressed during the darkest time in my life. I now play football, lift weights, and feel happy and hopeful for the future.”

- Anonymous, 14 Yr Old Male


Team Puggi is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the stigma around suicide and all mental health conditions. We promise to encourage the uncomfortable conversations, while also investing directly in research, treatment, and resources for those struggling.

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Every donation we receive helps raise awareness, and provides resources and support to those in need.

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